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Fitting the GoPro® Hero® 11 Black Mini this handy little camera case traps and holds heat inside to increase the life of your camera in cold temperatures. Use heat packs to further improve performance, and keep the camera operating, even after long periods of exposure to cold weather and temperatures.

Hoody Cam - Fitting Hero® 11 Mini

    • Fits the GoPro® Hero® 11 Black Mini
    • Made with dual layers of Polartec fleece to ensure excellent resitance to wind and cold temperature
    • Inner pocket holds up to two hand-warmer sized heat packs
    • Elastic band securely holds camera within, ensuring alignmnet with the lens
    • Buttons pressable from exterior
    • Works with most selfie sticks, and helmet mounts
    • Rear camera mounting locations NOT accessible
    • Not compatible with plastic shell cases, 90 degree mounts, or Max lens mod
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